St Pauls Cathedral, looking very festive.

Our fabulous sopranos.

Amadeus at St Paul’s Cathedral, May 23 - 25

13. May, 2018

TWO Bendigo women will portray famous 18th century composers Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Apollo Productions’ Amadeus.

Ally Grenfell and Saari Frochot-Chauhan take to the stage from May 23 to 25 and have enjoyed the challenge of portraying male characters.

Following their auditions, director Terence Carroll cast the two woman in the lead roles on the strength of their performances as adversaries in Elizabeth:

“I haven’t played a male role since high school but it has been fantastic. Young Salieri is wondeful role and very complicated human. It’s taken me to different parts of myself,” Grenfell said.

“Salieri was an articulate, intelligent man and, given the time period, the role lends itself to softer versions of the masculine. It is a beautiful role to dance between masculine and feminine forms.”

Frochot-Chauhan said it was daunting to take on the male role of Mozart. “It's very different to any role I have played before. I've never played a male role and never thought about playing a male role before,” she said.

“Movement and body language is the biggest challenge but because of the era they are extremely courtly and cultured men, so having women in the roles makes the characters more sophisticated and elegant.”

“Any role can be adaptable unless it is specifically identified by their sex,” she said.

Grenfell said taking on characters often went beyond gender to character traits.

“Salieri is tragic and has fundamental flaws that bring his demise,” she said.

“He's jealous, ambitious, and he’s in awe of a genius. (Those traits) apply to people not just a specific gender.

Amadeus is at St Paul’s Cathedral from May 23-25.

Well loved play to be staged in St Paul’s Cathedral

10. Apr, 2018

Amadeus, will be presented May 23,24,25.

The life, success and troubles of Mozart, as told by Antonio Salieri, the contemporary composer who was insanely jealous of Mozart's talent and claimed to have murdered him. This play, by Peter Schaffer, was adapted for the Academy Award winning movie of 1984.

March recital at St Paul’s Hall

7. Mar, 2018

Apollo Chorus sings for you

Apollo Chorus has built on their highly successful Christmas Recitals in the magnificent surrounds of St Paul’s Cathedral, to bring you their latest performance. Featuring famous songs from around the world, folk, jazz, pop and classical, Apollo Chorus brings something for everyone.


31. Dec, 2017

Apollo has a busy year at St Pauls

2017 concluded with our annual Christmas Recital, this year we gave three performances to accomodate increasing audiences. Elizabeth, Princess Ascending, was presented in the middle of the year to full houses and great acclaim. The year began with Apollo Chorus singing a selection of works from Baroque to Broadway.
Another full year is currently being planned for 2018 with a a famous play to be presented in St Paul’s Cathedral in May. More information about that soon.
Thank you for your support in 2017, Apollo looks forward to entertaining you in the New Year.

ELIZABETH, Princess Ascending

18. May, 2017

Opening night, May 24.

Originally written to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee, the action of the play is set in 16th-century England amid the court intrigue and turmoil after the death of Henry VIII. The play opens after Henry’s successor and son, Edward, dies at the age of 16. The drama unfolds thru the personal battles between the Protestant Princess Elizabeth and her older half-sister, Catholic Queen Mary. Determined to keep the country aligned to Spain and the Vatican, Mary orders hundreds of Englishmen to their deaths while Elizabeth wins the hearts of the English commoners. Watch as these famous and very real Tudor women battle for a prize of no less than the royal throne of England.

The cast of ELIZABETH, Princess Ascending, May 26.

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Based in Bendigo, and founded in 1978, Apollo Productions produces high quality theatre and operetta. Apollo Productions also operates a vocal ensemble 'Apollo Chorus'. Rehearsal studios, wardrobe and properties departments, are maintained in St Paul's hall, Myers St Bendigo.

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